Saturday, March 13, 2010


My old college roommate Richard sent me this photo from our freshman year at USC. I get such a strange feeling looking at this kid. There are so many things I want to tell him.

Check out the Swatch watch and friendship bracelet and high school class ring!  And that big falsified smile.  That big smile doesn't belong on the kid who sat on the roof of the tallest building on campus, Waite-Phillips Hall, legs hanging over the edge, watching a crowd gather 20 stories below to see if he'll jump.  That kid wouldn't have even told you he was suicidal.

How times change!  How we change.  My old roommate Richard now goes by Andrew and he changed his last name, too.  Jesse's smile in the photo will one day be genuine.  He has no idea, but he will even one day be writing smutty gay sex stories in BUTT Magazine!!!  Good for him.


elisa said...

Good for him yes, Jesse. I'm so glad you find a different way to climb down that building, and to have given us the chance to meet you. Elisa

carmel said...

so true elisa, even though i've never met you in person Jesse!
good on ya!

Bob Frank said...

Jesse, I didn't realize that that was you in the photo. At first I thought it was your handsome friend Richard.

It's sad the way people treat each other sometimes, heads filled with deluded thoughts. I've met you only once (so far), but I feel you are a lasting friend (and I'm sure I've got a lot of company feeling that way). I can't wait to see what new and fabulous ideas you're about to come up with.

Jesse said...

Thanks guys. I forget to thank USC campus security for pulling me down the regular way :)

Sancho said...


I have a little tear in my eye as I type this and I look back on similar situations in my own life. I honestly cannot imagine a world without Jesse Archer in it, so I'm glad you got down safely off that roof. =)

P.S. If I was in college with that guy he definitely would have been on my list of "Fuckable Freshman" ;-)