Monday, February 15, 2010

Whoa, Mecca!

How do you spot a gay muslim?
Totally gonna get my embassy burned down for this one.


Tony said...

Yeah, you might, if any conservative Muslims see it. If they do, it'll just add to their feeling that we disrespect them. As long as it doesn't show up in Riyadh, Baghdad, Kabul or Uganda, it'll probably blow over, so to speak.

On the other hand ... an article in the Winter Issue of WINQ. magazine says that Beirut, of all places, has become a "visible focal point of gay tourism in the Middle East." Lebanon has the Arab world's first and only gay rights organization, and it's director says "If the state knows a certain bar is a gay bar, they don't care."
The article quotes a Beirut travel agent who promotes gay tourism as saying about his clients:
"They're not here for the food or the architecture, they're here to have sex with Arab men,"
which according to the article is readily available. But this being the Middle East, most of the men are closeted.
It's complicated, so if anyone is tempted to hop on a flight to Beirut, it's probably best to proceed with caution.

Jesse Archer said...

Heya Tony. Yeah, I went to Lebanon a few years ago. Totally closeted, but great food!!

As to disrespecting religion: I do!!

I can't understand why the NY Times can show the Danish embassy burning on the front page, but then refused to publish the CARTOONS that incited that violence. Because of..
"respect"? That's not responsible journalism.

I feel that if religious people can think I'm going to burn in hell, I can think they're foolish.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Point taken about the media - perhaps they think a photo of a burning embassy is "sells" better than anything else. But in the particular case of the cartoons, I think they were afraid of people who don't understand our concept of freedom of expression. Not that there's anything admirable about the media getting scared off. Doesn't say much for the supposed impartiality of the press.

As for religious judgementalism - or of people who think they're being religious when they judge others - it can be terribly harmful, as I think you'd agree. And it totally pisses me off. No wonder so many people say that they're spiritual but not religious.

Back to the conservative Muslims for a sec. An American Muslim scientist I know thinks rigid conservatives in his religion can't or won't use critical thinking. Same goes for our religious conservatives, I think.