Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I love about Los Angeles

Memorizing lines at Runyon Canyon.  No, I don't need glasses I was just posed all wrong!!!  Thanks, J.  I'm also loving all my old friends out West!! 
I understand New York is covered in snow.


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Yeah, the whole East Coast is covered from VA to NY, and there you are running lines outdoors in balmy LA. Try that in Tompkins Square Park today, why don't you? How did you manage to time your trip so perfectly?
Maybe you should add TV weather forecasting to your resume. You could introduce a new forecasting tool:
The Jesse Archer Speedo Index. The more of them you see, the hotter it is.
Can't believe I said that.

Jesse said...

Thanks Tony, I'm so happy to have missed the snownami :)

Wait, when was I in a speedo? That is SOO Greg Louganis 1992!