Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The San Francisco Treat

The snownami in New York City gave perfect excuse to stay out here longer and see my friends (Miss these guys!!  Ian and Remy and Jimmy and Peter) who all recently moved out to San Francisco.  I've never liked the city better (it's people in a city that colors the whole experience of a city, right?)

San Francisco (grrrrr, NYC!) doesn't have an over-saturation of chain stores and bank branches so it manages to retain its independence and the Castro is like this cozy gay womb.  I haven't been here since the medical marijuana outbreak so that's been really bizarre (same with LA) to see pot stores and totally makes me wonder when we'll be able to pop into the corner store for some medical (fill in the illicit blank)??

Ian and Remy treated me to chanteuse Justin Bond at the Castro Theatre.  He sang the Carpenters Close to You album and was radiant and hilarious and touching. I laughed. I cried. I lusted after his Louboutins.

After that we all hit club Eight (on the dance floor we met a drag queen with the best name ever: Angie Mima"!!!), and later the transtastic Amanda Lepore performed seven songs.  Now you're asking---you came to San Francisco to see Justin Bond and Amanda Lepore?  You'll see them next week in New York!  I know!  But aren't you more shocked to know Amanda Lepore has seven songs?  Who knew!?  They're all lush and layered: Cotton Candy, champagne, her hair looking fierce.

Amanda naturally (and when have you seen those two words next to each other??) ended up topless, but oddly didn't flash her fully functional vagina.  Is she getting shy in her old age?  To (almost) make up for it, she did coo, "My Pussy" - an immortal tune which lyrically, as far as I know, doesn't go past "My Pussy".  I'm currently trying to teach it to Ian's parrot. 

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samael7 said...

Glad you enjoyed a trip to my fair city. You came at the right break in our rain. We don't really get snow here in the city, but rain we do get, and before you arrived, it was damp as [insert Amanda Lepore vagina joke here].

Anjie Myma is a sweetheart. I have a picture of her and Pollo del Mar with me and my BF pinned up at my desk at work. It's such a useful picture to have when work sucks. A spoonfull of drag queens makes thes suckiness go down.

Enjoy your stay!