Thursday, February 18, 2010


On the left coast, I'm barely off the plane when my friends Rica and Jesse are telling me about how their bowels refuse to budge after a long flight.  "Jet log," they call it.

As in, "Are you still in the bathroom?"
"Yes, I'm severely jet-logged."

And now you see where I get a sick sense of humor.   A big thanks to all the friends who generously let me invade their homes and lives: Audrey & Gordon, Rica & Brad, Ian & Remy.  You are the best!

Meanwhile, I wasn't the only one having recent fun.  Back in snowmaggedon, Cooldan was dancing away at Rockit last Friday night with a few French friends.  His pants were hanging down and exposing his (Paul Smith, probably threadbare, hand-me-down) underwear (totally unintentionally, I'm sure) when a stranger approached.

"I like your underwear," he said.  "Wanna swap?"

This was on odd proposition, and one Cooldan initially refused, but not before asking to see what kind of underwear was on offer?  The guy unzipped to show off a pair of black Dolce & Gabbana.  Dan declined, he'd keep his Paul Smith panties.  Obviously they were working.

Ten minutes later, the guy returns to the dance floor.  Says Cooldan: "He put something in my hands, I didn't know what it was until...."

It was a warm pair of Dolce & Gabbana underwear!

Then the guy says, sultry, "Now give me yours."  Cooldan insisted he didn't want to trade but the guy was like, "C'mon.." and being such a people-pleaser (this is good to know about Lebanese-bred people) Cooldan goes into the bathroom, strips his underwear, puts on the D&G's, and returns to the dance floor to complete the transaction.

The French friends of Cooldan were appalled he traded his underwear with some random stranger on the dance floor!  Two days later, he met up with them again and they asked - did he get cooties?  Crabs?  It was only then Cooldan realized he was still wearing the D&Gs.


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