Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Down in La La Land

Behind the scenes shots from the movie!  Thanks to David Fardmar for being on-hand to catch all the on-set action in these fotos and oh so many more on his facebook page.

She loves a pearl necklace!  The lovely Allison Lane as Candy. 
Mercifully, Allison has made this her FB profile photo!  Below, Michael Medico as closeted actor John and the one who went down....Matthew Ludwinski as Adam.  Don't they look good together???  Said Matthew, "I just took it for granted that he'd fall head over heels in love and we'd be together forever..."

But turns out the talented (and hysterical) Michael (left) has a boyfriend already and the two of them look A LOT alike.  "You know that's just narcissism," I said and he fired back: "Finally, I don't need a mirror to jack off anymore!"  Killing me!!!
 My first scene as Matthew, the mean evil queen.  Once Adam (Matthew) is through with me, he'll fall headlong into porn.  A natural transition for a pretty young buck in Hollywood! 
Are you already confused?  My character's name is Matthew, and Matthew is Adam. 
It gets better....the adorable Angelina Hong plays Kim (I'm mean to her, too.  Sorry!!)
And Kim Allen plays...Ms Campbell.  The mind boggles!!  Kim (below) plays the sassy Salome in the upcoming "Violet Tendencies"---and steals the show, BTW!!
This little hottie plays Candy's gym trainer.  Grrr.
Hot bag of crazy Judy Tenuta!!  Bow down and obey her highness!!

Hi Casper!!  Casper Andreas as Nick.  He went down...and (strung) out!! 

The moral compass of the film lies in none other than Perez Hilton!  He was kind and cordial and apparently on that Blackberry a lot.
America's Gaysian sweetheart, Alec Mapa.  He brought his own eyelashes to set!!  Why didn't I think of that?  How else are you gonna be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4 in the morning???
The shot you've been waiting for.
18 days. No rest.  Friends for life!
There once was an Oscar Party. Lip synch...for your life!!

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