Friday, February 12, 2010

Going Down in La La Land

Behind the scenes blackmail photos recently appeared on Facebook courtesy of Allan Brocka.  Okay, maybe it was between the scenes.  I said it was the "bottomless margarita gymnastics".  Allan replies, "There's nothing bottomless about this photo!"

At WeHo pillar RAGE: star Matthew Ludwinski, me, an unidentified piggybacker and Casper Andreas

Let's blame RAGE for including an elevated runway on their dance floor!  Says Matthew, "I was going to un-tag myself from that photo, but my abs were looking pretty good."  Um, yeah!

Yum, eah!

And if you think this is West Hollywood gone weren't there to see the guy at Rage wheeling around on his Segway.  That's one way to avoid a DUI in Los Angeles!

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