Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gio Black Peter

NY Underground is still alive!!  My downtown friends are always doing super outrageous installations (Danny, wish I could post your Magic (H) Ball?!!!) and it's a always a treat to know people who continually prove that the New York underground scene still beats.

Gio Black Peter is another friend who's always creating something artistically in your face and unabashedly individual.  I last caught him at the pussy-faggot party dressed as sexpot version of the kid from Where the Wild Things Are, just before he took the stage.  A visual artist, performance artist, model, musician, video artist, he's always pushing perceptions. Like with this aweseome video below, Sticks & Stones.

While you're at it, get to know him and his art better in this great interview with East Village Boys.

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Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Whoa! What an experience!
An eye-opener for the unaware, like me. Your link to Gio Black Peter and his interview with Brian Kenny led me to Kenny's work plus Slava Mogutin's. I was aware of Mogutin because I'd seen a few of his Lost Boys photos somewhere. But the story of Misha the Beautiful on his blog blew me away. Anyone not familiar with this wildly subversive arts scene should take a look. Check out GBP's & Brian Kenney's "Censorship Munster" performance on Black Peter Was Here for starters.