Sunday, February 07, 2010

Freaks of Nature

Did you know the Alpha female in a pack of wild dogs in Africa won't let any other female reproduce?  And if another female does reproduce, the alpha female will EAT HER YOUNG.  What a bitch!!  I have no idea why we're more fascinated with aliens in outer space than the aliens right here in our own world.  Under the seat there are hermaphrodite fish!  In Australia, we've got an egg-laying mammal called a Platypus!  Better yet, its babies are called Puggles, which was clearly stolen from some plush toy that probably cries when you squeeze it.

Check out this turtle who is desperately trying to hump...a shoe.  Kind of makes you wonder how evolution favored the reptiles?

And have you seen this walrus, blowing its own trombone?  Jealous!  Check it out on Towleroad.

Then there's the most fabulous freak mammal of all time, tops in taps herself, Ann Miller.  I'm yanking this favorite standard out storage once more, and since funerals have been preying on my feeble mind of late, please play this one at mine. 

"Emily, why do you have to make such a big production out of everything?"


Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse,

Just wanted to say I saw your recent blog entries, that I read about the deaths of your friends Anthony and Mark, tell you I'm sure sorry about their deaths, and say I'm thinking about you. Your dressing in drag for Anthony's tribute -- sounds like it was lovely idea, you did it because Anthony would have enjoyed it, and so what if others didn't "get it"? I think your and your friends' appearing in drag at the tribute was sweet and funny and endearing, and kinda sounds like to me it would be a great scene for a movie. But that's just my mind racing along. Also, a clear example of my never knowing what I'll see next on your blog is I watched that video of the walrus sucking his own penis. Sheesh. Live and learn! That's what I do practically everytime I visit your blog--live and learn! I'm just hoping that walrus was actually enjoying autofellatio, and not trying to lick himself because of some ailment that was making his dick hurt. Creatures in zoos always get my pity. I always find myself wishing they were free, and wondering what they'd be doing if they were. And hoping for the best. I'm sure being in a zoo modifies an animal's behavior from what it would be in the wild. Does a male walrus autofellate in the wild? I sure don't know. But, since I've learned from that little video that he can, I hope he does, and that he enjoys the experience! Maybe male walruses even fellate each other in the wild. Homosexual behavior has been observed in MANY species in the wild -- don't know if walrus is one of those species. Anyhow that's about it for now. Always look forward to reading your blog, Jesse. And I'm sure sorry about the deaths of Anthony and Mark. Hope you're doing ok. And yes, booze can indeed be quite useful in these kinds of situations, eh?? Sigh. Best wishes, Carl.

Bob Frank said...

Ann Miller was one of the greatest dancers of the 20th Century. She also brought a sense of fun to all her roles,including three of the greatest musicals of the era: "Easter Parade", "On the Town", and "Kiss Me Kate". This was a great commercial. Thanks, Jesse, for putting it here for a generation of guys who may be unaware of the talent that was Hollywood. With YouTube, these gems can be rediscovered by a whole new generation.