Sunday, February 14, 2010

Burning Man or BUST!

Jason P. Freeman gave me an awesome write up in the travel section of Chicago's Pink Magazine.  His words just trip over the tongue (in a good way!)  Also big thanks to photographer Frank Louis for the brand new photo.  I do hope to get back to Burning Man this year.  Are you going?

Check above to make it bigger.  Who doesn't need more pink in their eyes, er, lives!! You can also download the whole issue to see travel pieces from Rupaul, Robert Verdi, and Jane Velez-Mitchell. 


Elisa said...

Beautiful new picture from Frank Louis... I need to tell him so LOL Francesco Luigi is another one of those nice Italo-American men I had the chance to meet online. It will end that I know more people in New York than in my own country! Elisa

The Blackout Blog said...

You look hot in the tux!