Tuesday, February 09, 2010

(Brush) Stroke of Genius!

How coooool is this?  Artist Paul Richmond has turned me into a slasher victim!

The painting is entitled In Hot Pursuit, Starring Jesse Archer.  Could the knock-kneed monster be Ann Miller back from the grave to hunt me down performing a shim-sham-shimmy from Sugarbabies?  I love how some of you think that I'm not actually trying to get away from the monster but willingly letting him catch up!  If you want to read more about it or buy a print (or the original) of the painting check out Paul's blog here!

This is all he had to go on: 

Last time I put a brush to canvas, I tried to paint a Brontosaurus and it ended up like Snuffaluffagus.  And I still hung it on my wall!!  I'm in awe of those who can paint and honored to be one of Paul's Cheesecake boys!  Not only did he do such a superlative job, it only took him about a month.  He's already moved on to stripping photographer Mike Ruiz!

Once the Cheesecake series is complete, his solo show will run in Chicago at the Center on Halstead in June!!!

My Cheesecake paintings put a long overdue twist on classic pin-up art. I'm interested in challenging traditional gender roles that have been reinforced by artistic expressions of sexuality in the past. It intrigues me that it was almost exclusively women who were depicted as hapless victims of skin-baring circumstance, such as the pin-up girls by Gil Elvgrin and Art Frahm. Those ladies couldn’t even walk down the street without their skirts blowing up or their underwear falling down (or both!). Meanwhile, male pin-ups by artists like Tom of Finland were generally afforded more control over their sexy shenanigans. I believe gravity and other forces conspiring to rob people of their clothing should take an equal-opportunity approach. Therefore, the models for my Cheesecake exhibit are all men; in this case, gay male celebrities from various artistic arenas of pop culture including actor Jesse Archer, photographer Mike Ruiz, musician Ari Gold, and blogger Perez Hilton. Each figure is shown in the midst of a revealing and “accidental” wardrobe malfunction, struggling to gather his aplomb and his pants without ever losing his cool.


Tony said...

Although Richmond tried to make you look scared, he's reproduced your expression of pleasurable anticipation from the photo so well, I'm not buying it.
And all those strategic rips in your clothes ...
Exposed right tit duly noted.
Don't think that's Ann Miller back there- your pursuer looks more like me after one of my morning workouts. That should really scare you.

Eddie in OKC said...

and look - he made your even more slim!!!