Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vaudeville, Va-Va Voom and Violet!

Camera DIED!  Rude!!  First my computer, now my camera. I've trouble getting used to the idea that electronics have the life-span of a goldfish these days.  Because you know those antique phonographs are still going strong.  Ye olde 1912 Vitrola plugs along fine and dandy, but my 2006 Olympus is kaput.

They just don't make thing like they used to!  I wish this would've happened before Christmas, so I could have put it on my list for Santa.  Now I rely on Bam's iphone cam (I'm boycotting AT&T) which isn't exactly high quality. We hit David Barton and Suzanne Barscht's annual Toy Drive a few weeks back.  It was at his big, new DB gym in the former Barnes & Noble at Astor Place.

The gym is amazing and the party was a huge success with tons of donations, celebs and free booze.  Remember the East Village Toy Tower they dismantled a couple years ago for "structural" (read: rats) reasons?

So how did all of its contents suddenly end up on the shoulders of local legend Lavinia Co-op?  Check out her colorful coat of many plushies:

The Toy Drive was also a chance for the gym to give out free month-long passes to everyone and their mother.  Just in time for the Skinny and Buff New Years resolutions!  At every gym around town and across the country, boys eagerly await the end of January, when resolutions fade along with exploded gym crowds.

Also at the party, Burlesque beauty Dirty Martini danced her pants off!

Which reminds me!  This past Saturday my friend Ryan and I hit a Brooklyn studio where we danced all over a green screen in our underwear for hours.  Crawling, cartwheels, chaine name it, which will all be edited and mercifully (I hope) manipulated into silhouettes that will be inserted into the opening credits of Violet Tendencies -- the final touch to the film which will then be, yes, finished!

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