Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've always wanted to be a pin-up boy!

Recently I was approached by the very talented artist Paul Richmond.  He's created so many amazing paintings, and even contributed to the GLAAD art auction I volunteered for this past year!  Paul wrote to ask if I'd be up for my likeness being painted in a new series he's doing that will exhibit in Chicago this June at the Halsted Gallery.  Paul writes: 

I am a painter who often uses imagery from popular culture in my work, which addresses issues of sexuality and identity with a humorous twist. In my “Cheesecake Boy” series, I depict male models who can’t seem to keep their pants on (reminiscent of the contrived pin-up girl scenes from the 40’s and 50’s) as a way to challenge traditional ideas about gender roles.

One of Paul Richmond's Cheesecake Boys in "Mistletoe Madness"

You know where this is leading, right?  Love it.  He's got a lot of other notable gays in his pin-up boy line-up, including Del Shores, Alec Mapa, Darryl Stephens, Perez Hilton, Mike Ruiz, Ari Gold and more!  For each of one us, he's dreamed up a different scenario of how exactly our pants are going to be ripped off.  His idea for mine?

The Jesse Archer Cheesecake Boy piece for the show would be reminiscent of a vintage slasher/horror movie poster, with you trying to escape from an ominous villain (by way of a dark, scary forest of course!) with your skimpy shorts getting caught and yanked down by some low-hanging tree branches. This would be an homage to all the hapless female victims of slasher movie monsters whose wadrobe malfunctions proved to be their downfall.

I'm so honored!  I told him I can't think of anything better than for my image to pay homage to female slasher victims who can't keep their clothes on!  Plus, I'm a runner so I'll give that villain a good chase.

He's already done the mock-up, and had me send some reference photos.  Tentatitvely titled, In Hot Pursuit, check out his sketch here, along with the accompanying reference photo.  Look at those treacherous, fabric-ripping branches!  This guy's so good, his pin-up boys should be on the side of a bomber!  Can't wait to see the final product...and everyone else's too!


Elisa said...

Isn't Paul's work wonderful? I'm his long tim fan and I'm so happy to see he is having this recognition. Elisa

carmel said...

that's awesome jesse! you are perfect for cheesecake! lol
i can't wait to see the final product!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

What a cool opportunity. Only thing is, in your reference photo you look like you're having too much fun, just like those girl slasher victims:

"Oh mister monster, please don't! [he screams] Oh mister monster, no! Oh, No mister monster, really! [he pants] Oh mister monster, what a monster that is... [the pants come off] Oh, oh, mister monster [he sighs]..."

Nevertheless, I'm sure the artist will make you look suitably terrified. Can't wait to see the final product.

Don said...

Great work and you will be a very proud and I believe erect edition to it!! You are a perfect choice for someone who can not keep their pants on and I love the sketch!!
Go for it!!

Sancho said...

Tony, your comment totally made me picture Jesse in a "House of Morecock" scenario. That would so be you Jesse, seducing the monster instead of actually running :-p

Anonymous said...

Jesse, at last, Pin up Boys! Great concept, long overdue and you will be on the forefront. We grew up with the Petty Girl, the Vargas Girls, the Zoe Mozert women all scantily clad, staring at us from the walls of the barber shop, the automotive store, the local bar, the Beaverhead Livestock Auction Company, the Honda motorcycle dealership, etc. etc. I could not see any big excitement in any of them outside of the pure technical artwork. Very strange how the guys I knew collected and salivated over these objects, but why? Well, now we too can leer at posters with some real appreciation. Movienut