Saturday, January 16, 2010

Going Down...

I'm excited to go to Los Angeles in early February to shoot the Going Down in La La Land.  It's a film with a script by Casper Andreas based upon the book by my friend Andy Zeffer.

I'm not going to be naked in this film, for once.  I don't even have to take my shirt off!!!  But luckily for you, stunning actor/model Matthew Ludwinski will!

Matthew plays Adam, an aspiring actor who comes to LA to make it big.  He rooms with Candy, an overly ambitious, selfish-but-she-doesn't-know-it, hilarious sidekick.  Candy will be portrayed by the indomitable talent Allison Lane.   

I will be playing Adam's bitchy office boss, Matthew.  Once he gets through with me, he'll plunge right into porn!  Who can't wait to see that?  I'm not sure of the whole cast yet, but super thrilled to hear that comedian Alec Mapa will play a part, and that legendary wit Bruce Vilanch has been cast as "Missy", a famous porn director who can make your ass famous!  Going Down begins production later this month in La La Land.  Yay!


Anonymous said...

Jesse, great. Any chance for a visit to the Tropicale or other interests? Cheyenne Jackson is on the stage here now with Michael Feinstein. Also in Feb. on stage: classic Lily Tomlin, Moscow Ballet Coppelia,Teatro Lirico La Traviata, Joel Grey and a further list of beautiful entertainers (mostly guys). The thirteen day International Palm Springs Film Festival ends on the 18th.

February weather here promise to be high seventies, low eighties. Of course, a definite must see will be "Going Down". You and Caspar are certainly prolific! Movienut

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

So, you're not gonna be naked (in the movie). Well, tell Casper I won't go see it.
Actually, the movie should be a riot, especially with you, Mapa and Vilanch in it. If you're all on the set at the same time, how in the world will Casper be able to keep things under control?
We're expecting bulletins from the front.

Don said...

I look forward to the movie and seeing you on the screen again - with or without clothes!!

Bob Frank said...

Hi Jesse,
It's great that you'll be in another movie and that Casper will be directing. I actually read that book. The movie should be great, and so will you,

Eddie in OKC said...

"Yay!" indeed.

(day three, btw)

MRIX MUZIK said...

I just love how you are a mover and a shaker! I want your life! Have fun keeping your cloths on! ~ All smiles, Carly