Friday, January 22, 2010

Fire Island Interactive Summer Calendar!

They were offering free Pilates classes, so I decided to see what all the gizmos, devices (and hype) was about.  It sure was fun to play around with!  At one point, on my back and helped into stirrups connected to springs, the instructor asked if I'd been here before and I said, "To the gynecologist?"

Yesterday was also the first time I'd been told to "Genie the arms" and though I don't think I broke a sweat in an hour, I am truly grateful to Pilates because "Genie the arms" has been forever added to not only my phraseology, but my dance floor choreography as well.    

Last night was some serious head to head GLBTQRSTUV competition: Lady Gaga concert VS. Fire Island share-a-thon.  Lady Gaga won, of course, which meant that my friend Travis (who owns a home on Fire Island) was at the concert last night instead of hunting for summer shares at the share-a-thon.  "Will you pimp my house?" he asked me of all people!

I brought CoolDan with me and there we are at a booth, luring men to buy into a share at a house on Shady Walk in the Pines (sleeps six--$11K for 1/4 share, $19 K for 1/2 share - May through Sept. if interested!)  Dan and I, who usually do Survivor Weekend and spend the night on the sand of Fire Island, are now posing as home-owners pimping out an actual house.  Without words, we looked at each other and burst into hysterical laughter.  Of course half the homeowners at the Share-A-Thon know us well and didn't take long to chime in the shock, "YOU TWO??  What, are you selling shares under the boardwalk???"  We got a few kicks telling them how July 4th weekend is in high demand under the boardwalk.

The coolest thing is that we met a lot of new homeowners because we'll soon be marketing a Fire Island Summer Share Interactive Calendar.  Oh yes, recessionistas R us!  My writing and Cooldan's fartwork have finally merged into one!  We've even come up with a company name, sporting our initials ("JADE") and have a mock up ready to print.  Each month will feature my one-liners, real game-changing nuggets like, "My husband went to Fire Island and all I got were these lousy crabs!" combined with Cooldan's random, fun photo-shopped images.  We've got way too much free time.

The calendar part is interactive, so summer housemates can tick off how often they cooked, cleaned, tricked, did drag, got wasted, etc each month.  You know you want a JADE calendar!  We'll sell it at Gostoso Fire Island Pines in a few months, and probably here too.  Check out the cover baby!!

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