Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Back in Business!

Computer is back, and woof!! How exciting. I guess I've got an ancient Mac model, being that it's nearly five years old and already ready to retire (it takes after its father, clearly!) Anyhoo---seen a lot of stuff this week, including AVATAR in 3-d at the Imax, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Finally, the aliens are the good guys and HOT. In fact, so hot that I've decided if I can't fall in love with those beautiful blue aliens, then I will stop eating until I look like one of them.

The only thing (besides Sigourney Weaver's avatar looking creepily like her) that bothered me was the main character, Sam Worthington, who is supposed to be crippled. I have no idea how they got his legs to look atrophied, but it's the same problem I have with straight actors always playing the few gay characters offered by Hollywood: Why can't the crippled guy be actually crippled? I mean, how many chances does a crippled actor have? The roles are few and here they give it to a perfectly bipedal actor.

I suppose you really have to be a little person to have your niche roles secured, but one day technology will be able to make tall actors into the woeful circus midget and wham: Oscar!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Glad you're back in business - I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.
It's remarkable - and scary - how dependent we've become on our computers and electronic gadgets, especially for staying in touch with friends.
Yeah, I know, in the old days people wrote letters by hand and mailed them thru the post office. One of my bro's-in-law still prefers that method and writes long letters in a lovely cursive script.
But my handwriting is indecipherable, and I'm way too impatient to wait for snail mail - the need for instant gratification has me in its grip, so to speak. So I'm relieved you're back on line.

Patrick said...

They needed him to be able to walk for the motion capture when doing his avatar

Jesse Archer said...

Patrick, good point! Duh. I guess I would've realized but his avatar didn't look much like him in my opinion.

Tony, thanks for following along and I'm really enjoying the books you sent me!