Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year in Review

I can't wait for this year to end! Tomorrow night! In the meantime, have you seen this? I have to share such an amazing video--the graphics, the lyrics---this took some time and talent!

Did Jib Jab forget the Somali Pirates? And what the hell is Jib Jab? I also hear a lot about Jon and Kate but I am such a pop culture zero that I honestly don't know who they are or why they're famous. And let's keep it that way!

The only thing that tops Jib Jab's year in review, is the ever-luminous (and illuminating) Michael Musto with his year (and decade) review in this week's Village Voice. Will you read it? He's betting you won't! That's the aughts for you, baby.

Here's wishing you all a Happy 2010! Sure, we once wished for a happy 2009, but now let's really make it happen! Are we all on board? May 2010 sparkle with laughs, love, and employment for all!


Don said...

Great production! Some I could do without but in general I just want the year to go away - for personal reasons. 2009 will forever be the year I do not want to remember but can never forget.

The Happiest of New Year's to you Jesse, to all those dear to you, and to all your readers. May we all find peace in 200!!

Z said...

Happy new year Jesse

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Wishing you back laughs, love and employment, I'm definitely on board for a sparkling 2010 !
Confident that your comportment this evening will be exemplary, I wish you a Happy New Years Eve as well.