Monday, December 28, 2009

Now that's shocking!

Because that's what one does during the holidaze, Cooldan recently found himself cruising for sex on Manhunt. He came across a posting he particularly liked. It read:

Endless wars, torture, healthcare for profit? Way to go, America...

Classically attractive, well built men are a turn on, and it's a good start. A mental/intellectual connection is just as, if not more important. Prefer to meet people while out dancing, but a lot of the music in clubs these days is like kryptonite. Seeking cute, in shape. Race unimportant. Socially/politically aware a huge +. Republicans need not apply. Can barely stand Democrats as it is. The only thing more tiresome (and offensive) than hiv-negative guys(as well as some who aren't sure) calling themselves "clean" and "sane" (suggesting that poz boys are "dirty" and "insane") is that some poz boys are buying into it. Peace

Cooldan wrote to this user commending his posting: "Your profile post should be read aloud at capitol hill! It's a shame that more people don't spend more time reading profiles, instead of only caring about pec and penis size."

Me: "So what did he write back?"

Cooldan: "Come over."


Don said...

Typical I fear!!!

Margret Echeverria said...

OMG, FABULOUS!!! As the only straight woman you know who has gone on as many blind dates as I have, this warmed the cockles of my heart. Big kisses, Cooldan!! Love, Margret

The Blackout Blog said...