Friday, December 18, 2009

Food Fright!

Don't you just love it when they translate foreign menus into English? How about some FLESH SCALLOPS? An order of Giant Cram? In Mexico with Chad, Scott, and Bam we found this menu so appetizing, we are considering opening a restaurant with only these confounding descriptions on the menu. What would we call it? Lost in Translation...or maybe LOTS in Translation?

It's always tough to choose between Filet of Beast to the Mexican, and Filet of Beast to the Plate
Why order a breaded chicken breast, when you can have Breast of Chicken Crunch???
Here are the tacos.
Tacos are so much more appetizing in the English version: "Plugs of Beast with Flour"!!!
This is what happens when you translate straight from the dictionary. Check out more fun menu flaps on this site. And more here too! Favorites from other parts of the world include:

Deep Fried Fingers of my Lady.
From a menu in India

Boys style little chickens
From a menu in Barcelona

Teppan Yaki – Before Your Cooked Right Eyes.
From a menu in Japan


Elisa said...

I'm just come back from Moscow, you can believe what it came out from a translation from Cirillic to English. Pity I didn't take a picture for you. Elisa

Anonymous said...

Lots more "lost in translation" at engrish.Com