Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dubbing Wendy Williams and Friends

Been a while! You know I write copy all about the steamy hot models on Paragon Men, right? My friend Greg began this site just a few months ago and it already features some of the sexiest images found anywhere online. Check out the site, and this month vote for Paragon Man of the year!

I'm also back in OUT magazine this month, so check my column on that blunder (six feet blunder?) I had on my grandfather's grave this past summer. Violet Tendencies is due out next year (springtime?), and we've got some great advance press from all the way down in Argentina! The last piece of press we got was from Brazil, and now Argentina. South America loves their Violet! If you read Spanish, or want to try, check out the article from Pagina 12 here. Big thanks to my friend Alejandro for writing it.

In other news, I just came across this review of A Four Letter Word (buy it for Christmas!) from the Portland Mercury (my hometown!). I'm not sure when it was written, or who said Stephen was well-endowed? But the writer is hysterical:

Luke (Jesse Archer) is a promiscuous, glitter-wearing “gay cliché” who considers giving up his man-whoring ways when he meets butch, well-endowed Stephen (Charlie David). Fucking, crossdressing, and shittalking ensue. Paradoxically both awful and thoroughly entertaining, A Four Letter Word features terrible acting, relentless one-liners, a bizarre fascination with addiction recovery meetings (is that a gay thing?), and an ending that is simultaneously incredibly predictable and unexpectedly touching. It’s ridiculous. It’s trashy. I totally recommend it.

I'm still having fun with that entertainment/news/neo-vaudeville show for Hit up the site for the latest episodes and oh-so-much-more. Recently, we went to GMHC's Fashion Forward event which is basically the fashion world coming together to fight AIDS. I was on the red carpet interviewing a whole lot of different people: Wendy Williams, Tim Gunn, designer Jack Mackenroth, model Ronnie Kroell, and it turns out that the audio wasn't working! Like at all.

We decided to improvise and dub all the voices so that I was...playing all the parts. Ha! Here's what we came up with. Maybe the audio should go out every time?


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Enjoyed reading your copy on the Paragon site - and I did happen to notice that there were some interesting photos there as well ...
That review of AFLW from your hometown paper was hilarious. The reviewer's only half right about the ending: it was touching, but I thought it was a nice surprise.
And who knew you were such a talented vocal impressionist?

The Blackout Blog said...

LOL! I can't deal with your Tim Gunn impression! And that ending killed me!