Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bienvenidos a Mexico!

Although it's not really Mexico! More like Daytona Beach with bars galore, populated by hoochie mama hostesses, men on the street calling out "Chicas!" "Coca!" and signs everywhere: "Women Drink Free Monday through Friday!" or this helpful Mexican mathematics: "Woman + Dance on Bar = Free shot of Tequila!"

Cancun/Playa del Carmen is built for American spring breaking breeders. It's always staggering for me to see how the other 90% lives. I mean, I tolerate them. But why do they have to shove their lifestyle in my face? ;)

Here are the tacos, known locally as "plugs of beast with flour"
If the plugs give you Montezuma's revenge, direct yourself to the incontinence aisle.
Hobo a Go-Go! How about a towering pyramid of Boones Farm wine?
An hour south in Tulum, was a little better and I'd definitely return there.

Check out the beach!
Tulum has a prepossessing pile of rocks as well.
Grandpa's blueblocker sunglasses are coming in handy!
Our beach! We were not alone....
We left Bam Bam drinking on the beach while we hit the waves. When we came back, he was feeding three iguanas with some surfer boy tourists. "You scared them away!" he says to me. But they were still there. "Not the iguanas---you scared off the straights!" Bam was luring the boys in with chips for the iguanas. One for the boys, one for the iguanas. "They were eating right out of my hands!"

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Kareem said...

I was jsut there in September. If you have time check out Xcaret. Its a natural park- its part water park, part cultural park, and part zoo. All that being said, it's totally fun....and the visitors are mostly tourists from other parts of Mexico. Check out the restaurant by the jaguar pen for lunch (buffet but good- not sizzler) and definitely do the evening show...a 2 hour celebration of mexican culture (its entertaining- though over-the-top). Enjoy.