Thursday, November 05, 2009

WING takes Manhattan!

Maybe you've heard of the Kiwi-living, Hong Kong-bred songstress WING? She's become an online viral sensation with her high-pitched, inimitable whacky warbling. She's so bad, she's good---covering everyone from Celine Dion to ABBA to Judy Garland to Michael Jackson.

I needed a lift, so we went to check her out at Birdland, where she opened for my friend Jim Caruso, who hosts an always fabulous Monday night. To tell the truth, we weren't sure how to react and you can't help feeling a bit of a racist for going. Does she even know what the words mean? Do I laugh? Cry? But there ain't no shame in Wing's game!

Hey--know your niche and work it! At Birdland, Wing looked like she was having a grand old time, and the audience was totally with her. It ended up feeling something like a rock concert.

Here's WING covering Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" :

That was not me laughing. It was Chad! But I did lose it when she sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and trilled out, "If happy little brue birds fry, why oh why can't I?"

Things went wild when Wing covered AC/DC. Here she performs "Highway to Hell":

Did you know Wing was featured on an episode of South Park? For more of her novelty, and to buy the CDs....find WING here!

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Eddie in OKC said...

I'm planning on Birdland this coming Monday night. Buy a cocktail?