Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hobosexual Debut

Last you heard, Anita Private was offering hookers her peach cobbler in exchange for sex. She now makes a video debut on the next installment of my show for gaylifenyc. "Hobo-a-Gogo with Anita Private" delivers all the best deals in NYC, and today she finds free, unlimited boxed wine!

This is turning into a very amateur variety show. In upcoming episodes, we hope to offer more guests and segments. Take a look and please give advice and feedback to help us make it better!


Don said...

Great job Jesse - you are a natural. Keep it up!!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

If I'd only known about Silk Road and the free Franzia before I visited NYC a few weeks ago, I'd still be up there getting "dunn." (???)
Looking forward to future segments.

Sancho said...

Oh my god, Silk Road takes me baaack. All the Fordham U. underclassmen would go there for free wine with dinner! So if you're in the mood for some college chicken with your wine, Silk Road is the place ;-)

Anonymous said...

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