Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Ho-Bots!

The Ho-Bots were a hit! We thought the ho-bots were a good idea in theory, but in reality a tragic failure of galactic proportions.

The Ho-Bots make a splash in the subway station. Cooldan, Bam & Jesse
But we must've done something right because in west Chelsea the trick-or-treaters (and their mothers) all wanted photos with the hobots. One piece of evidence:
For once we didn't do the Halloween parade (a good thing--it rained!) and instead hit the Highline Ballroom to check out the Frankenstein show. Only it wasn't a show. It was a reading! I can't believe you'd put on Frankenstein--on Halloween night no less---and not dress up. I wanted costumes and makeup and sets!

Instead, a narrator came out...actually reading from her script. Thankfully, there were some big Broadway belters in the house! And alcohol!

The woman in the middle, Jennifer, was sitting at a table all by herselfuntil we invited her over to be the star of our table. She ended up going out with us afterward.
Not all of our friends dressed up. Grrrr!
Hobot meets up with Anita, bedazzled into King Triton!
Benji and Austin. This spectacular creature on the left has the most amazing home---I mean, a koi pond? Wow----and once I got past the get-up and contact lenses, I saw it was Benji, who once played my boyfriend in an off-broadway show we were in together.
Purr-fect, Miss Kitty!
This lady on the left was sensational---I followed her into the bathroom where in the tub she had a totally different costume she quickly changed into. Finally, someone who gets it: There just aren't enough Halloweens in the year!
At one party, we found Sean, me, and Cooldan in this week's NEXT magazine!
Danny! And our sexy host...
The Ho-Bots head home.
As you can tell, we discovered the amazing secret about bras. I kept asking each woman I saw last night, "What do you keep in your bra?" Because they are fantastic storage spaces.

Cooldan manages to keep his cigarettes, and phone. I had lipstick, phone, and a camera in mine. Sadly, my cup size was too small because my phone fell out. Right now it's lost between two house parties and home. So if you're trying to call me and some stranger answers, tell them to send me an email!


sean.meyrick.hanley said...

Looks like you boys had fun! I love the Next magazine shot! What a surprise! Okay! Enough exclamations! I'm much too hungover to be this exclamatory!

Not Pie said...

More pictures:

Set 1: At the Rock Opera:

Set 2: At The House Party:

(I'm going to email the links to Benjie too. -J)

carmel said...

i love halloween.
they don't really celebrate it here in australia, but i'm trying my best to make it happen.
i have at least three costumes... one to wear when trick or treating with the kids.
one sensational one to make a splash but it's usually uncomfortable
one that i can pass out in.

Don said...

Fantastic costume - hits the spot!!