Monday, November 16, 2009

Edward Albee told me George & Martha are...still alive!

I've been volunteering for GLAAD's art auction for months---it's one of their biggest benefits of the year--and it finally came together. I hope it raised a shitload of cash! Oh, and remember Cooldan's "fartwork"? It sold! Yay!

At the event I was doing some filming for OurSceneTV and got to interview some amazing people including Mad Men's Bryan Batt, those three adorable actors who play gay on One Life To Live (I love Nicholas Rodriguez), Joel Grey, even writer Edward Albee-- a funny old man!

I didn't know how to pronounce his name (it's Ahhhlbee, not Al-bee), and he wouldn't tell me what he's writing now, but he did give gossip on his masterpiece "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf". He saw the title (what would be the title) scrawled on the wall of a gay bar back in 1950 ("I was young then") and filed it away. Ten years later, he pulled it out of storage. Guess we can't say graffiti never served any good! I also asked if George and Martha ever adopted? "They would never do that!" he said.

Here I'm talking to artist and the night's "Out in Art" award recipient Ross Bleckner. In the middle is his friend, Academy Award winning actor Joel Grey.

Vanessa Williams was slated to be there, too. She ended up being a no-show which was SO disheartening because I was dying to ask the former beauty queen her take on Carrie Prejean!!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

How cool that you got to interview Edward Albee. Of course George and Martha are still alive! Who could forget them, especially as brought to life by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.
And also Joel Grey, wow. When I lived in Charlotte, NC a bunch of years ago, Grey did a fabulous one-man show there. As a relatively short person himself, when he came out to sing Randy Newman's "Short People," with empty coffee cans strapped to the bottom of his shoes like stilts, he had the entire audience in hysterics and up and singing along.
Thanks for keeping us "out-of-towners" plugged in.

stephen said...

OMG! Joel Grey! I was a waiter in New Orleans at age 18 and he came to the restaurant that I worked at,,, yes, I waited on him.. awesome guy...