Friday, October 30, 2009

Donnie Skiff Scholarship Fund

As many of you know, Don, (one of my readers here) lost his son Donnie earlier this year to a brutal and senseless murder. Don has remained very strong, recently facing his son's killers--and sitting through agonizing testimony about how Donnie was killed---in order to ensure that justice will be served in this case.

I am totally pulling for him, and so is his Pennsylvania community. They have organized a celebration of Donnie's life in a benefit concert on November 13. Since Donnie was a musician, all proceeds will go to the Donnie Skiff Wyoming Valley West Music Scholarship Fund....which will provide a scholarship to a young high school musician. If you can donate to this fund, please help make something positive out of this painful random act of violence.

You can make checks out to:
"Donnie Skiff Scholarship Fund"
care of:
Darce Lesko
404 Vine Street
Larksville, PA 18651.

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Don said...

Thank you once again for all your support. Donations can be sent to: Darce Lesko, 404 Vine Street, Larksville, PA 18651.