Thursday, October 29, 2009

SATC 2 photos from set!

Sex and the City 2! Let's just say I'd love to tell you all I know about the script and plot but they made us sign confidentiality agreements. Of course I signed mine LOUISE BROOKS, but I had such a fun time on set and the cast and the writer/director were so awesome I actually don't want to give anything away!

But here are a few photos. There were hundreds of extras for the gay wedding scene shot at Steiner Studios. It's this sprawling studio in nowhereseville, Brooklyn. Right on the east river. Next to some derelict military facility. Steiner Studios is huge and we spent many, many long nights there. It began to feel like home.

Kohl, SD, and me
The beautiful Romina!
Some gorgeous boys on set. These 2 played waiters. The one on the right was so sweet, we had a lot of laughs. Also most of young Broadway was on set---so it was not an unhappy set to be on!
Sometimes they kept us like cattle out in the tent. I couldn't have made it without my whacky new family: here with Kohl, Amanda, and SD who taught me all about life as a FTM tranny. We had so much fun together!
This old woman cracked me up. I thought she was this very hoity-toity lady but then one night, around 5 or 6 in the morning we're on set and I hear her say "Who do I have to fuck to get sent home?" And before I have the time to process these words coming from her mouth, she adds, "Is it the same guy I had to fuck to get this job?"
I loved her after that.

Look at those legs! This photo was taken around 7 am. We had been there about 17 hours and we had to get the shot done because the cast was leaving for Morocco the next day. Oh yeah. It is ALWAYS glamour on a movie set!

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