Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving out of Control!

Hit the Boiler Room last night with Bam and Crazy Dan to carve some pumpkins for Halloween. People had been there since 4pm carving their hearts out and at 8pm they still were going strong. The more serious contestants brought in their own props. One guy had wood-carving tools and another had super glue. "He's put up a scaffolding around his pumpkin!" said Bam Bam, and I must say it was an intimidating sight!

It was also very sweet to see the whole neighborhood there. You know it takes a village when even the local drug dealer is carving pumpkins with you. Crazy Dan ended up making a very ethnic pumpkin with big hoop earrings he named "Sha-ne-ne". And when all the Jack-o-Lanterns were lined up for judging, and we witnessed the virtuoso carving skills of the masters, Crazy Dan whimpered, "Does this mean Sha-ne-ne is out of the running?"

The lineup beginning. I'm not even telling you which was mine!
Of course the wood-carving "lobotomy" pumpkin master took home first prize. The deep sea, pumpkin-seed scaled fish took home 2nd place, and they gave a special "honorable mention" to this guy named Joel. Joel had mixed feelings about his pumpkin's win. "Honorable mention?" he asked me. "Isn't that kind of like...Most Improved?"

Who cares? He got a free bar tab! Happy Halloween!

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