Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Moving On

Still feeling totally freaked out after last weekend. I think I will feel this way for a while. I'm really thankful for the organizations, elected officials, bloggers, and friends helping me out. I'm still trying to get the surveillance video from that night. Then there is the (always "anonymous") contingent of commentators who automatically assume I'm lying, or that I deserve violence for having mouthed off. Ugh.

Had to get out of the city! Bam and I went up to Bear Mountain with our friends Chad & Scott to check out the leaves, and do some apple picking. It was the best day of the year; not hot, not cold.

Look at them apples!


Don said...

Getting away is the best thing you could do. Keep the faith - we are with you all the way.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Glad you guys got out of town for a while.
I looked at the comment string on Towleroad. Rettenmund had it right: the hostile and derogatory comments were made by a--h---s. So you can't take them seriously. But it is distressing that there are so many of 'em out there.

ryan field said...

I read about this on Elisa Rolle's blog and was shocked.

I get my share of loons leaving questionable comments, too. And I'm forced to use comment moderation.

But I think most people wish you well and hope you recover from all this quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jesse, with the upcoming release of your new movie, I assume you will be traveling the country with premiers, galas, film festivals etc. What better audiences to surreptiously slip in some slight account of this travesty without damaging the aura and mood of the movie itself? How about some of the video clip? Just a thought. Movienut.