Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Masculine Halloween costumes for your Effeminate Son

This parody from the Onion is so spot on. And I agree with Dan Savage--it's somehow heartbreaking.

The author of "Actually, he's a boy"...offers tips on how to butch up your fem son at Halloween.

"If you want your child to pick a male-dominated profession, be careful not to pick one that has been co-opted by the gay community like a fireman, a cop, a cowboy. Otherwise they'll just end up looking like a stripper."

Check it out.

I suppose I should have ended up with the robot suit, "for the prancer" who skips delicately instead of walking. Funny thing is, I am going as a robot for Halloween this year. A hooker robot. A ho-bot. A prancing ho-bot!


Auntie M said...

Awww, geez, man. Thanks a whole bunch for reminding me about The Onion News. Now I can add this to my ever-growing list: "Easy Ways to Waste Time When I Should Be Working."

steve said...

I grew up with people making those suggestions. Evidently I had too much fun being a Leopard. (swished that tail a bit too much)

As to your last comment...So instead of Lord of the Dance, you are Lord of the Prance?