Friday, October 09, 2009

Euthanasia is a RIOT!

If you think this is a re-post, you're almost right---but I've got exciting new details (and video!) from our would-be right-to-die patient, Jodi!

Worked last night on Sex and the City 2 set...and I wish I could spill the details, but they've muzzled us with confidentiality agreements. Let me just say that they've got a truly fun guest superstar in this scene! So since I can't dish on the film, let me dish on the life of a film "extra":

There's this one woman on set, Jodi, who cracks me up. She's in her 40's, and one of the extras (aka "Background") in this film. She's playing a lesbian, "Is it because I have short hair?" she wonders. On set, she kept muttering the following phrase, "Give me the GAS..."

Turns out, Jodi auditioned for a small part in an upcoming film called "You Don't Know Jack", which is a film about the suicide doctor, Jack Kevorkian being played by Al Pacino. And Jodi had the grand opportunity to audition for the illustrious part of one of Jack Kevorkian's dying patients. The one line she needed to utter, the last words to leave this character's body, were: "Give me the gas", whereupon the always accommodating doctor would promptly euthanize her.

Jodi went on and on about this part. She was perfect for it! She could play dying patient like no other. Imagine--euthanized by none other than Al Pacino! Caressed as she lay sucking the gas by none other than Susan Sarandon! It was the best part in the film---well certainly the best lines. In the lead up, her character bargains with the doctor, "God had his chance to take I'm going to him. Give me the gas..."

She wore no makeup to the audition, she dressed in just a white sheet. She almost shaved her head for it but thought that may be going overboard, and when she walked into the audition room, mopy and gaunt, to utter the immortal lines, "Give me the gas!" she was told by the casting director, "try it again with...less emotion", and so Jodi did.

Give. Me. The. Gaaaas...

The possibility of getting the gas from Al Pacino has Jodi breathless. She was on set yesterday mumbling all forms and intonations of:

"Give ME the gas"
"Give me THE gas"
" the gas"

...until at last I ask when this audition was? "Two months ago," she says flatly.

When I give her a look that says it may be time to stop dreaming, she says, "Yeah, my husband says I won't believe I didn't get the part until I watch the movie and don't see myself in it."

Jodi takes a moment before adding, "Isn't the life of an 'extra' pathetic?"

Actually, not at all. Jodi totally made my day.

UPDATE: We surprised Jodi on set yesterday, and begged her to give us another reading or two of the role that should be hers! Give her the gas! Watch it here:

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