Saturday, October 10, 2009

Equality or Bust!

This weekend has a great many men and women faced with a giant conondrum: go to the capitol for the National Equality March, or stay in New York City and see Kylie Minogue in her first US concert tour!? Yikes, what an unfair choice to be made!

Sorry Kylie, I'm headed to DC! Events in my own life in the last week have certainly made me more disenfranchised from this country; more fearful of the distance between its ideals and its reality. I look forward to marching for a reality in step with what our constitution has to say about individual liberties. Though I'm not sure what can or will be gained from a large scale demonstration (we saw how those stopped the Iraq war), it's going to be great to stand with so many others in solidarity. Let's see if Obama stands with us.

I hope to see you there!


elisa-rolle said...

When I was barely 19, the first time I had the right to vote, in Italy it was the first time that Berlusconi was Prime Minister. I don't want to go under the reason why I don't think he is the right man to be Prime Minister now and were the same reason at that time. So I went to my first march, in Milan, against the actual government. We were a lot, they called us the "Umbrellas March" since it was raining but we marched anyway. I was from Padua, but there were a lot of person from all over Italy, way more far than me from Milan. We had special trains. It was a big event, and the government broked some weeks after that. Then with the change in politics, 15 years after we have again the same man at the government... but at least we tried, and it was the sign that, if people really want something, they can achieve it. Elisa

herbert said...

It was on every news program in the Netherlands, hope it gets as much attention in the US.