Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Whitney Houston in Central Park photos & video

Whitney's back....and she looks like a million dollar bill! This morning was the taping of Good Morning America (the segment to air tomorrow) featured a live performance by Whitney Houston. I've known about this for a week but this morning, I wavered. I nearly didn't go all the way uptown, I mean--it's bound to be on youtube by now, right?---but I decided I had to honor that 1980's kid I used to be. So I dragged my butt up to Central Park.

One thing about Whitney, she really commands a disparate audience. Every kind of person was there. Whit Whit appeared on time and energetic, and the girl looks incredible. Really stunning. I can imagine how nervous she was to do this live show. Everyone thinking, wondering---is her voice wrecked?
Whitney takes the stage
Diane Sawyer and the other host in red. Diane Sawyer was SO made-up, I could smell the grease paint from where I stood. When Whitney hugged her, I was like no girl...you're gonna come away with a smear of white-face!
Oh, this was great---Diane Sawyer backs up Whitney in her "I'm every woman" finale. Ha!
She kept looking up into the sky, which was clear blue, and then when she was talking with Diane Sawyer (which we couldn 't hear) she kept pointing to the sky and I'm thinking--what the hell is going on up in the sky? Is she making a weather prediction? Are there 747s aiming for the upper east stage? What? I believe the truth is she's just really into god which is worrisome: will she ever appear at gay pride again?

I got her album yesterday--and it's fantastic. "I look to you" (yes more glancing at the sky). I tell you what---I'm looking to the remixes, too. Especially her great re-do of "A Song for You". Her daughter Bobbi came on stage (she got...cute!), her mother Cissy was there, too. Whitney said she taped Oprah yesterday (the season premiere coming in a couple of weeks). So what's she sound like? How is the voice? It's unmistakeably not what it used to be. The back up singers often saved her on a high note, just in case she couldn't hold it alone. Whitney is raspy, but she's still Whitney! Nothing but love, Nippy! Welcome back.

Judge for yourself. Check out some quick videos below.

I'm seeing the Pet Shop Boys tonight in Midtown---so it's a 1980's extravaganza. What a beautiful Tuesday!


Alec Sarkas said...

Awesome! You were there to experience it all. Very nice! Love the video clips too! You gave us a great preview!!

Eddie said...

I was fine until the PSB part. I'M JEALOUS AS ALL HELL!!!

(btw - Nov 9, drinkee???)

David said...

Major!!! Wish I could have been there

The Blackout Blog said...

Wow, that's the first comment on the new album that hasn't used the word "garbage". I wish I were kidding.