Friday, September 25, 2009

Violet Tendencies

A bunch of the characters from our upcoming film "Violet Tendencies" were in the studio last weekend to loop dialogue that either wasn't clear, or needed to be added. The film is now fully funded and we're just finishing up post: sound mixing, musical score, and a few other things before it's ready to be sent out to festivals and premiere hopefully early next year. Stay tuned!

More fun on set!

Village People Cowboy Randy Jones admires Marcus Patrick with the rest of the cast, in the final scene of the film.
Miss Mindy Cohn takes her first whiff of poppers! Her two cents: "It gave me a headache."
Jesse and Mindy tell the story about Mindy sniffing poppers as we present at the HX awards.
HX Magazine folded about a week after their award's show. R.I.P. Publishing! For some super professional stills of the film, check out our still photographer's site, J. Cherrae Photography


AJ said...


Glad to read the film is fully funded. Hope everything connected with the film continue to run smoothly. Good luck!!

Z said...

Can't wait to watch it!

Don said...

Jesse, You are the best regardless of the awards you win or do not win - or who they are from. Sparkle on! Great news about the film funding!!

Anonymous said...

Jesse, Please tell me this much anticipated film is coming here to the Palm Springs International Film Festival in January, 2010? Movienut.

Jesse Archer said...

Thanks, you guys! Movienut, I'm not sure about Palm Springs--depends on their submissions deadline (if it's january, the deadline has probably passed) Maybe we'll open theatrically in PS, though?

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I hope a theatrical opening is possible. Both the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs and the Palm d'Or Theater in Palm Desert are very amenable. The Camelot is much larger and promises a greater and more exhuberant theater, audience. A theatrical opening would have to be after the Film festival which ends around the middle of January. Movienut