Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rachel Maddow-you go, girl!

Wow. Did anyone catch Rachel Maddow take on Tom Ridge last night? The former director of "Homeland Security" (how vomitrociously Orwellian is that Bushism?) is promoting his new book (which I hope, after watching this interview, nobody buys) and she confronted him about something he wrote, ultimately getting him to disavow his own book jacket! It's obvious to me that since his book was released, some higher-up has forced him to recant some of its contents.

But that wasn't all. Rachel's respectful, she listens, and the best part is she isn't afraid to go there. Kudos to Ridge for having the balls to go there at all (oh the gibberish, the backpedaling, the strange episodes of...sniffing!) She held his feet to the fire on Katrina, on the "intelligence" on Iraq and by the end of the interview she went in for the kill. I literally bolted up from the couch I was so blown away.

Watch the three-part video on the huffington post. As one commenter says, "She took him to the gallows, and got him to say thank you." Another writes, "Rachel shot him with both barrels, cordially." Rachel Maddow is the best journalist we've got.


Tony said...

Whoa Jesse -

That was one hell of an interview. Didn't see the broadcast 'cause I've been watching tennis - frivolous me.

Anyway, Orwellian is the word for not only the Bush administrations actions and pronouncements, but Ridge's attempts to rationalize them.

"There were other reasons for going into Iraq," he says, "which [motivated] some people who knew more than we did ..."
Yeah, contol of Iraq's oil supply. Raise Halliburton's stock price. Geez. "Democratization" of Iraq was an afterthought and a smokescreen after the WMD ploy failed. As Madow said, was that reason sufficient to sacrifice the lives of all those kids?

Oops, hope that doesn't start a fire on your blog.

Craig said...

I don't have cable, but I still waych the Rachel Maddow show every day online. Bookmark this URL:

It's usually up shortly after bradcast.