Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mexican Breakfast, Helpfully Explained.

Finally, a rosetta stone to decipher Fosse! Check out what this witty writer came up with for Gwen Verdon's moves. Oh my what a groovy number. If you sense a striking similarity to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video, you're not alone!

Ok, so what's your favorite move? I'm vacillating between "Friend Request, Denied!" "No, you can't have my kidney", "I carry water for the village" and "Insouciance, bitches". It's so hard to pick!!!

To see more of this guy's work, visit his website


WashHeigthsBTTM_NYC said...

Some crazy b_t_hes !

Anderson said...

HA! So fun! I think my fav was 'Kick your Mom!' :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesse,
This is Gwen Verdon? These ladies are talented, but the dreadful music, ugly costumes, and silly choreography illustrate how important these elements are in dance. Anyway, the subtitles were a hoot and made the whole routine sit-throughable.

Jean-Manuel said...

love it!! glad you post it on your blog. it is a pure gem, a classic! no wonder Beyonce's award winning choregraphy for "single ladies" is......a knock-off!!

Don said...

A real gem - loved the sub-titles!!