Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Love to the Big Gay Musical

I hit the premiere of the Big Gay Musical! Fred M. Caruso and Casper Andreas' joint venture is a winner, with catchy tunes and a touching finish. Encore! It's got an extended run at the Chelsea Clearview cinemas, so please go this week and support indie gay filmmaking.

Sunday I went to see District 9. I've heard so many good things about this film and I gotta say I loved the concept, I mean--kudos to any creative head who can combine Kafka and apartheid, but did anyone else get sick? Maybe it was the popcorn, mixed with a hangover, mixed with sitting way too close to the screen, but this is a film not a Mexican jumping bean, ok?! All that jittery documentary action style free held camera crap totally distracted me from plot holes which now seem so glaring. That black liquid: not only would you turn into an alien if it spilled on you, but it is also a precious rocket-fuel. Is it also effective on hard-to-clean coffee stains?

How does that little alien kid know how to program the mother ship to come beam them up? How does the hero know how to operate the alien ship, and later the Robocop? Why did the aliens come to earth in the first place? Undoubtedly, we're in for another couple of installments of this franchise.

Then I rented "Making Love". This is a film from 1982 Arthur Hiller film about a woman who's husband is having a "sexual identity crisis". I watched the trailer in the DVD extras and howled at this 20th Century Fox disclaimer:

Making Love deals openly and candidly with delicate issues. It is not sexually explicit, but it may be too strong for some people. Making Love is bold, but gentle. We are proud of its honesty. We applaud its courage.

Can you picture me rolling my eyes? I sat down with popcorn, soooo ready to laugh along to this stinker. First off, it stars Kate Jackson. I know she was a model and Charlie's angel, but I find her looks very unappealing. Her doctor "he's so compassionate!" husband soon starts cruising West Hollywood, and begins an affair with Harry Hamlin and then I'm getting into the movie. Because it was Harry Hamlin, and because they actually gave his slut understanding and dimension.

When the husband/lover doesn't come out to his wife, Harry kicks him to the curb with, "What does he want me to be? Teacher, tour guide, father, confessor?" The husband does eventually come out, his wife flips out and later tracks down one of his tricks to discover gays are human!

She later comes to terms, and in the end her husband finds a man, and suddenly I found myself proud of the film's honesty. I was applauding its courage! I even cried if not exactly for this story, then for the optimism and hope that this story offers; a tentative optimism and hope that would soon be pitilessly obliterated by AIDS.


The Buddha Smiled said...

Haven't seen any of the three movies, but will keep my eyes peeled for The Big Gay Musical to see if it hits London - don't think its out on our side of the pond just as yet; we're still in raptures over Priscilla the musical and John Barrowman headlining on stage in Les Cages aux Folles...

Making Love sounds really cool - will add it to my rental list. It sounds a bit like an Italian movie that I saw sometime back called "His Secret Life", in which a recently widowed woman discovers that her husband had a long-term relationship with another man. She tracks the lover down and finds herself spending more time with him, his roommates and the other "misfits" who made up part of her husband's life, including a Turkish immigrant and an AIDS patient. It's not all roses at the end, but definitely very moving. Can recommend it too!

MRIX MUZIK said...

Making Love was exactly as you described it! You were dead on about how it was " pitilessly obliterated by AIDS ". You are a real smarty and positively brilliant! The film touched me too!

Don said...

I too have never seen the first two but will. "Making Love" has been part of my collection for some time (saw it first on TV) - due to Harry of course!! For the time it was bold but dealt with things very well.


CJC said...

Just saw 'Making Love' today, and LOVED it. It was touching and moving. I wish they made more movies like that.