Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jesse on the hunt!

In an effort to get more writing work, I've put Bam to work re-vamping my "writing" page. He's done a really fun job of it! It was hard to decide which samples to include, but it doesn't really matter because we can always switch different things in and out. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Auntie M said...

Nice resume, and I've looked at hundreds. No "objective." Good. Jeez, those statements are so full of Bs. I always skipped right over them except for the amusement factor.

The scanned stuff is a little difficult to read, though. I know it's just a sample, but I want to read it. Spanish (I knew that)? French? Valedictorian (I want to hear your speech). Cum Laude at UCLA? What a talented and smart guy you appear to be on paper. I'd hire you in a New York minute.

xxx M

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Love the graphic representations of your writing portfolio. What a great idea. From the design standpoint, the page is good because it's colorful, uncluttered and easy to use.
Small nitpick: I notice that the address on the purple page, and the address at the top of your resume don't match. That's because ...?
Good job, you guys.

Jesse Archer said...

Hi guys, thank you! Auntie M, it's USC!! :)

Still tweaking so appreciate the suggestions.

jason freeman said...

do you want to write for me? hit me up at

Auntie M said...

oops, sorry... slip of the fingers.

Jesse Archer said...

Not to worry--! Hey, I'm wearing the South Lake Union Trolley shirt right now! Thanks again :)