Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Thanks to the iphone "there's an app for that" existence, our friends in Idaho Falls hooked up to GRINDR and found us their friend Jade. He lives in Jackson, but that day he was only 12 miles away! At a truck stop!

They asked if he'd be interested in driving 2 new yorkers an hour away to Pocatello-- and Idaho's most famous gay bar, Charley's? "I'll be there in 12 minutes!"

Jade arrives with his trusty bassett hound steed...
Cooldan has NEVER looked so small, nuzzling into Charley's Drag Diva: Spyke Naugahyde.
Spyke Naugahyde was the mistress of ceremonies, and she did something I've never seen a drag queen do before: she brought her mother to the club with her!

Jade was a riot. After all this action, on the way back to Idaho Falls, he even stopped for a quick gamble at the all-night "Sho-Ban" indian casino.

A boyscout leaves no stone unturned.
The lesbians have come out to play! Somehow, I got saddled up into the dance competition with a frisky bacheloretteI wasn't alone. She got down with all the contestants.
And Cooldan got down with her!
Somehow I lost! To that little straight guy on the right --- who couldn't even dance!
Still, we did win some drink tickets. The locals were a constant source of inspired amusement.
This drag queen was hysterical. I couldn't help but notice how sensible she was to drink right out of a pitcher. I tell her this and she smiles, saying, "The pitcher makes my hands look smaller."
Indeed!! Just imagine how small her hands would look holding a pitcher whilst standing beside Spyke Naugahyde?!

"So what do you do about the Adam's apple?" I ask. She deadpans dryly, "I don't have one of those."


The Blackout Blog said...

True Religion jeans in Idaho. I'm impressed.

(If that sounded sarcastic, it really wasn't. The last place I'd expect to see True Religions is on a truck driver in the Northwest).

Don said...

I was at a place just like that last weekend - at least from what I remember it was very similar - even the ass looks familiar. My first experience and it was fantastic!!!
As always, you go Jesse!!