Friday, September 18, 2009

The GLBT Job Fair

I want to go all Joe Wilson on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who last week said the recession is probably over. Liar! Yesterday, I hoofed it over to the GLBT Center for their annual Out to Work job fair. It was a mob scene! Breadlines stretched down the block, and half way down 7th avenue! There is nothing more depressing than going to a job fair and finding well dressed masses of eager, portfolio carrying Recessionistas!

You know there were family-size jars of Purell at the vendor tables because there was a lot of handshaking going on. In fact, the HBO guy just stood there with his hands in his pockets! Thankfully, Whole Foods supplied cupcakes, and the Center staff and volunteers were awesome, so the whole affair was worth it. Otherwise, I bothered to wait in just one line (to talk with reps from the A&E channel) and after a half-hour when I reached the front of the line (what are these job seekers doing? Sharing life stories?) and ask what jobs they're offering, I'm told that they're not hiring right now because they're merging with Lifetime--but please leave a resume and check their website in a month and a half! I got the conspiratorial feeling that many companies are only engaged in some kind of PR campaign. As in, send the intern to go make nice with the GLBTs.

Thankfully, Anita Private was there and we took off to Chelsea where we discovered it was some kind of special evening for the art galleries and they were all serving champagne. We spent the evening wandering around ogling art. "How much is this painting?" Anita would ask. "$38,000" they'd answer and Anita followed with, "May I have another glass of champagne?" We may not have found a job, but we hit the jackpot!

In related news, I'm volunteering for the GLAAD OutAuction. Although I know little about art, I'm part of the curatorial sub-committee, so if you are an artist (or know one) and would like to get some great exposure and help a worthwhile charity, please go to their website and download the form here to donate a work of art. You can also go here to buy tickets to the event, which is held on November 15.

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Don said...

Seems about the same as most all job fairs of late!! Lots of PR but little hiring.