Saturday, August 08, 2009


Grubby Gays, haven't showered in days!

Cooldan and I have been camping, hiking and terrorizing young American families in Yellowstone National Park (and the Grand Tetons) for the last several days.

Says Dan, "I've been smoking all my life...I can't believe I just made it to Marlboro Country!" Naturally, we were woefully unprepared for any of this wildnerness business (Who ever heard of anyone packing a propane stove from New York City?)

The only thing of actual practical value we had was a TENT when we began our road trip. We borrowed sleeping bags and various other warm things from friends in Salt Lake City when it was discovered that despite the recent western heat wave, and the fact this is August, nighttime temperatures in Yellowstone get down to (yes!) freezing. I know why buffalo keep their beards!

It's kind of like being on Safari because each time you see a few cars stopped you know there's an animal: buffalo, bear, elk. Of course if you miss these animals in the park, outlying towns have their heads all over the walls. It was really difficult to slow down to the pace of driving around the park, but we eventually got used to it. We took long hikes (that we thought would be short hikes) and explored the terrain of mountains, geysers (Cooldan kept pronouncing them "Geezers" and I just let him), lakes, and one day we unexpectedly came upon the breathtaking brink of the Yellowstone Canyon.

Other hikers sported hiking sticks, rain gear, backpacks and even water. We had none of this, but we were dressed fashionably. Because we thought maybe, just maybe, before going back to that campground and sleeping at the pitiful hour of 10pm AGAIN---that we'd escape through the mountains, hit Cody, Wyoming, and try to hunt down a gay bar before returning to our campground.

I have so much to tell you!


carmel said...

haha, i can just imagine you doing that! who needs a walking stick when your ass looks great in those shorts!

i had a similar experience climbing up a dead volcano on Phi Phi and then absailing down into the pool inside it... in platform sandals and a vintage 1920's floor length silk nightie... I didn't realise it turned into a real hike half way up the mountain and thought the compliments on my outfit by hikers and backpackers coming back down were sincere and not the sarcastic comments they really least, like you, i looked good!!

Anonymous said...

If at all possible while leaving Yellowstone, drive out of the Northeast corner of the park, over the high altitude Cook City highway to Redlodge, Montana. You will never forget this incredible journey to the top of the world. Movienut.

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Full of envy for your Yellowstone expereince. Several tentative plans to go fell thru. One of these days. Look forward to hearing more.