Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Roller Derby on the Jersey Shore!

Says Bam, "There's something attractive about women and violence!" Don't ask why, but we made it to the Jersey Shore and Asbury Park just in time to witness the Ladies' Roller-Derby!

About 10 years ago, gays started to buy up property in the forgotten Jersey Shore and today their boardwalk is back in order, there are small businesses all around, and the city is even charging to go to the beach! I'll never understand that charging to go to the beach thing. Last I checked it was a natural resource, are they next gonna charge for air?

Asbury Park's Convention Hall must have been a beauty back in the glory days, and now it's a decrepit relic, not without serious charm. Inside the Murder Beach Militia took on the Anchor Assassins. Roller Derby has its own rules. There are jammers and pivots and blockers (oh, my!) but basically, with names like Trauma Doll, Chesty McBruiser, and Black Eye Betty...these girls are out to fuck each other up!

The match started off with Irish Bagpipes. Naturally.
And they're off!!
Morguetisha Adams was a thrill to watch.
We met the team manager of the Murder Beach Militia. Her name is TOASTFACE!! Poor toast-face got roughed up in a recent roller-derby. Here she shows us her broken collar bone.
Toast Face is not retiring, though. She can't wait to get back in the game! Which kind of made me decide that of all the things I'd do if I were born a girl, Roller Derby is #2. After #1: A pin-up painted on the side of a bomber.

For more on their mayhem, check out Jersey Shore Roller Girls!

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