Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mighty Moab! (See it to believe it)

I've heard so much about Moab, Utah. So I had to check it out! It's this mecca for mountain bikers and rock climbers. Being neither, I just went on a reconnaissance camp out with my friends.
Rachel gives us Gisele Bundchen in the whorehouse.
Would you believe Rachel and I went to high school together? She was Beaverton High School's top long distance runner. My dad was our coach! She lived in Brooklyn for years, but is now in Salt Lake City. We spent a few days with her in Salt Lake, and discovered it's the perfect jump off spot from which to see the west.
I love this! "Why have just one?"
Those pesky Mormons. Did you know the only reason they stopped polygamy was because their leader at the time had a "vision" ? Did you know the only reason they stopped being racist and allowed blacks into the priesthood was also due to a divine revelation? How long until a vision materializes to stops them from excommunicating homosexuals and then spending millions to take away their equal rights? I'll give em this though: at least they (unlike other faiths) are able to update.

In actual, earthly is Cooldan, doing the Gisele Bundchen on top of a red rock.

We took a drive (and ruined the rental!) up the unimproved Pot Ash road. What a view! Click the video to see more.

I forgot to do the Indian pose because I'm waving to a boat down on the river.
Rachel and Jesse...on the brink!
Rachel and I decided to find the trashiest beer available. We succeeded in finding Bud Light and Clamato juice. Together in ONE can! It was actually tasty. Bud light/Clamato: don't leave camp without it!

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Such a good time - thanks so much for sharing.

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