Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An American Duty

Swing, Batter! Yesterday I did something I only do once every five years. I saw a baseball game!

The Mets new stadium (CitiField) is in its inaugural season--and it's a beauty. It's also, unlike my neighborhood, a super-easy place to spot a Citibank ATM! Bring on the concessions!

Sadly, my unlikely appearance at a baseball game was not a lucky charm. The Mets got crushed by the Phillies. But I figured out why I don't really enjoy team sports---it's the fans! When they boo, I'm like--stop it! That's so rude! And when the crowd goes wild, it's like we're in some kind of ancient coliseum, rooting for the lion to eat the Gladiator.

Thankfully, it was a gorgeous day.
Jesse Anita Louisa Paul


Don said...

Stadium may look good but you look even better - looks like you had a great time even with the booing!! Rather a huge difference between the wide open spaces of the past adventure and a crowded game!!


Auntie M said...

Just how long have you been wearing that marathon tank? It must be nearly see-through by now.


xxx Auntie M

Jesse Archer said...

Ha! It's my Beaverton high school track tank!! It will make another cinematic appearance in the upcoming "Violet Tendencies", too...and yes, totally threadbare!

Don said...

You still wear it well and it looks good on you - threadbare can be very good!! As long as you sparkle who cares what you wear!! Must have some very special meaning to you.

Hugs, Don

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

If you'd gone to the Mets-Phillies game a day earlier, you'd have seen the now famous unassisted triple play by the Phillies' second baseman ending the game in another defeat for the hapless Mets.

Triple play: in baseball, when a defensive player puts three opponents out in one continuous play. Not to be confused with a ThreeWay. Try one of those at the ballpark, and you'd really be out.

Auntie M said...

I totally agree with Don.

Jesse Archer said...

You guys are so cute!