Friday, July 17, 2009

Wrap (pool) Party!

It's only taken me this long to post pics from the Bye Bye, Fruit Fly wrap party because it's taken me this long to recover!

We held it at Dr!p, the weekly wednesday pool party at the Grace Hotel. Hosted by Shequida and Lee Chappell, and an open bar sponsored by Bulldog Gin. Things started out elegant...

Our glamorous costume designers, Beth and Moni
With legendary promoter Lee Chappell
Alexis and Sam Whitten (who plays Riley in the film)
With Adrian Armas (who plays Darian) and Jimmy
The Fruit Fly cocktails quickly descended us all into a very wet debauchery. What a party! The only thing missing was our star, Mindy Cohn, who's already back in LA. Mindy, let's do this again in Laguna!
Cooldan, Lovari, and Lee
Ryan and "Z" (the amazing wife of our DP) get their groove on
Cooldan & Jesse
Great Gams! My friend Celine
Evan! Work the ladies!
Margret Echeverria makes love to the camera
Fierce heels required in the pool!
Even Petey Pig took a dip with me
Michael Musto arrives to add a dash of panache. I tried to tempt him into the pool, but Shequida hustled him around to the bar. And he doesn't even drink! The master wordsmith has a cameo in the film, and also gave Mindy Cohn and our film top-billing in his La Dolce Musto column this week in the Village Voice. An absolute must-read, and a great honor!
Our crew in the pool! Among others, I spy Charlie our grip, still photographer Jocelyn, production designer Lee Clayton, and Justin---who does everything--gazing at an amazing poolside performance by Ericka Toure Aviance.
Miss Aviance doing her thing! She sang her new hit "My Pumps" and yes, her pumps (and her shoulder pads) ended up in the pool when Ericka jumped in for a glorious splash-filled finish!


The Blackout Blog said...

The one week I don't go, you guys cause a scene.

Lovari said...

That was an awesome night! Much love to Jesse and his peeps!