Monday, July 27, 2009

Why is she wise?

Actors! Ugh. They are soooo entertaining. I was up at the Actors' Fund, a great organization dedicated to helping actors transition into new careers, or at least manage the life of an actor with the bills of a new yorker. While there, I overheard some actors and their conversation was so typical of their non-stop pseudo-profundity, I had to start taking notes.

One actor to another, about a really old lady he had just met:

"So yeah, she asked what I did for work. I said, I'm an actor---so basically I tell lies for a living. And the old woman said, Then wouldn't you say that you actually tell truths for a living? Ha! Can you believe that? This old woman knew more about acting than most young people!"

Another actor was talking about some woman on TV named Wendy Williams:

"You don't know Wendy Williams?! She's not spiritual at all, but she is a spiritual being, you know? She is this gossip queen, but she's also really wise because she was a drug addict."

He pauses. "She's got really big boobs, too. "


Jeffrey said...

I think that summed up Wendy Williams -- except for maybe the parts about her being spiritual and wise -- those, no so much.

The Blackout Blog said...

LOVE Wendy! If nothing else, that damned theme song is SO catchy (and available on iTunes)!