Sunday, July 12, 2009

RIP Jesse Archer

Anita Private got a bee in her bonnet about my birthday. Since it's always around Pride, we never have a this year, Anita decided to change all that. She said 35 was a big year and we absolutely had to celebrate. Ok!

But then I heard everyone was told to dress in black and come to mourn the "death of Jesse's youth"!! When I caught wind of the theme, I wore all the color I could muster into one shirt.

Becky baked a beautiful coffin cake!
But the religious iconography had to go.
Gideon and Nephi baked me a vodka-infused watermelon. Another excellent choice!
Not everyone paid attention to the dress code.
But most did...and some really went to town!
See what happens when your youth dies?
These two solemnly entered, whispering to Bam Bam, "We're so sorry for your loss."
Zeren and Lair!
Her grief was extraordinary. To go with her eyeshadow.
Chad & Scott
Casper & Ryan
Somehow I ended the night on Ed's roof. In pants that are no longer white!


Kenneth Walsh said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo!

If 35 is the death of youth, then my body has rotted beyond recognition ...

Don said...

Jesse - Looks like a great party - lots of folks really care which is special. Best to you - and take it from me, 35 is not even close to the end!!!


Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

A couple of thoughts concerning the alleged end of your youth:

Some obscure German philosopher said:

"You remain young as long as you still can learn, can accept new conventions and can stand contradictions."

You should be more than OK on that score.

And in the immortal words of Satchel Paige:

"Age is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter."

Hope you don't mind.
And in case you need to be told, you still look pretty good for such an old guy.
Many Happy Returns.

David said...

Happy Burial of your Youth, Jesse! What a fun night you must have had - yay. Inspired by Tony below i'll quote the artist Urs Luethi: "Insecurity keeps you young" - now, that should be a good challenge for you baby! XXX decaying Rebekka (with staring eyes skeletonli inside)

AJ said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

Glad to see your own special day was memory-filled and that you had a wonderful time with good friends.

The Blackout Blog said...

That theme is BRILLIANT! I may or may not steal it. And I LOVE that "Serif" shirt Chad is wearing.

youyong28 said...

It's amazing how one day you're young and the next day you're not. Of course you're still young and will be so for quite sometime. You're handsome, fit, and full of fun. I know, I've witnessed it all.

Again, happy birthday Jesse.

melissa said...

Happy Birthday, my love!
Melissa, Jon, & Star

Z said...

I had so much fun at your funeral! It was lovely! I guess I have to steal the theme for next year!