Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Perfect NY Night

I spent last night with half of New York City. Clothed!

The NY Philharmonic played on the great lawn at Central Park on a beautiful summer night. I sat with a bunch of friends under a willow tree beside the turtle pond and drank wine, and ate and listened to Mozart. It was one of those nights where living in New York is worth it. Worth not having any space or privacy or a normal-sized sink.

Of course, it was only worth it once you found your people on the gigantic lawn. I heard one lady ask a very exasperated man with her, "Are you angry?" and he responds, "I'm fine. I'm just fine. I'm FINE." Hundreds of people were on cell phones trying to locate their friends in the crowd. A sampling of the overheard, from those who did have reception: "You said SouthEast, and I go Southeast and now you're telling me you're not sure if you're Southeast?" "I'm next to a group of really drunk people, I can't hear you." "Behind exactly which cluster of red balloons?"

And it all made me wonder, what did we do before cell phones?


Jake said...

I'm going to the concert in Prospect Park -- and now looking forward to it even more.

M said...

Before cell phones we said, "I'll meet you at the [name your specific location] at 6:00." Late-comers were left out.

elisa said...

> And it all made me wonder, what did we do before cell phones?

You could feigned to get lost and no one said: why didn't you call?

Notice yes, that I'm not so fond of mobile phones? I have two (one personal and one professional), and still I tend to forget I have them, they die for lack of battery, and I realized two ot three days later that people were trying to phone me...

BTW: Now you know it's the Turtle Pond? ;-) Elisa

Don said...

We planned ahead and when that failed we had fun with the new friends we met at whatever event we were attending - much more personal that walking around with a phone in your ear - when it should usually be up your ass!!