Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out of Dodge!

Headed for the Wild West! It's been a couple years since I've been back home.

I have always loved the traveling. There's just something about packing up and moving around the world. What I have started to detest, in a way that has handicapped my desire to frequently travel, are the airports. Ok, maybe it's just JFK. The unbelievable slog to get there, and then the unbelievably inane, reactive (as opposed to proactive) "security" measures. Does my toothpaste look like a bomb to you?

Or maybe it's just me. Just hating-the-city time. It will be nice to hang out with the family in Oregon, and enjoy the great outdoors.
I can't wait to forget this crazy city, until I start to miss it.


Don said...

Looks like the way I pack!!! And you will miss the city and be ever so glad to come back!! Knowing you, I would be suspect of your toothpaste but not that it was a bomb!!


AJ said...

Hi Jesse,

Travel light, don't you? Wish I could be like you!!

Tony said...

Hey Jesse -

Save travels and have a great time!

M said...

Meet you at Powell's some Saturday?