Friday, July 24, 2009

Houston...we have a launch!

Whitney's back! On Tuesday she had her big listening party here in NYC and a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, got to interview her. He said she wasn't very comfortable during the interviews, but after a while she warmed up. Whitney said she wanted to retire, but veteran producer Clive Davis wouldn't let her and she's glad to be back. So what about Bobby? Sobriety? What's whack?

Whitney wouldn't talk anything but music, said my guy, but she looked great. He also said she had a nice wig, an ugly dress, and that her teeth--those famous choppers--looked like they were "in their infancy". Caps?

And her legendary pipes? "A couple of the songs have an...island...sound to them," he says, "But it's classic Whitney." We will always love you!

I can't wait to support the album when "I look to you" drops on September 1st. There's no 1980's star that I loved more than Whitney. Through my worst years, I looked to her! No matter what happened in school, I could always come home, put that single cassette tape into my walkman and hear Whitney singing,"Didn't We Almost Have it All?" And somehow things were just better!

There's nobody I want more to catapult back into big success, and I'm not alone!

In one of the blogs I read about a recent appearance looking fantabulous---and in the comments section some queen wrote, "She looks so much better now that she's off of the crack!"

A couple comments later, another queen posts, quite aptly: "Who would have guessed, back in the 80's, that today we would be saying 'Whitney looks so much better now that she's off the crack!'??"

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Don said...

I'm with you. She need only open her mouth and sing to be catapulted back to success - at least for me!!